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Welcome to Mr. Diddy's, the ultimate destination for Southern fusion cuisine in Atlanta and Marietta. Our restaurant embraces a laid-back and casual atmosphere, where every visit promises a flavorful adventure. Born out of a deep love for cooking and inspired by the rich culinary traditions of the South, Mr. Diddy's is the culmination of a lifelong dream.


Our story began in 2018 when a father and son duo embarked on a journey to share their passion for Southern flavors with the world. Starting as a humble food truck, Mr. Diddy's quickly gained a devoted following, captivating taste buds with our unique and mouthwatering creations. In 2020, during the challenging times of the pandemic, Cody, the son, took a leap of faith and expanded to a storefront, bringing our soulful dishes to a wider audience.

At Mr. Diddy's, we take pride in offering a tantalizing menu that combines classic Southern dishes with exciting and innovative twists. Indulge in our signature Soul Roll, an egg roll filled with Mac & cheese, greens, and yams, perfectly paired with our house-made special sauce. And don't miss out on our other culinary delights, including delectable wings, honey-glazed blackened salmon, and a variety of sides that will transport you to comfort food heaven.

Our name, "Mr. Diddy's" holds a special place in our hearts. It pays homage to our great grandfather, lovingly known as Diddy, who instilled in us a deep sense of community, fellowship, and family. We strive to emulate his spirit of nurturing those around him at Mr. Diddy's, where we are more than just a restaurant—we are a gathering place for friends, families, and food enthusiasts to share memorable moments over a delicious meal.

Join us at Mr. Diddy's and experience the perfect blend of Southern hospitality, innovative flavors, and heartfelt connections. Whether you're grabbing a quick to-go meal or indulging in a feast, we invite you to savor the taste of our Southern fusion creations and become part of our culinary journey.

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